Red Bull Sea to Sky

-Hey, it´s Martin Freinademetz. Do you want a reporter job at the extreme enduro rally Red Bull Sea to Sky in Turkey?

-Hell Yeah, I do.

-You gotta write a article and get it published in a magazine in scandinavia.

Bananas! I have never written a article in my life. But ok, lets see if this is possible. I call to the magazine BIKE in Sweden and ask if they can promise to publish my article. They can! I just need to focus on scandinavian riders.

I call Martin and ask for a start list so that I can contact the Scandinavian rider… But there are none.

The only way to get this job is to start myself.

Three weeks later Im at the start line of a extreme enduro rally in Kemer, Turkey. I get a KTM bike and get a paddoc space between Chris Birtch and Johnny Walker. I am the only scandinavian rider and the only girl.