What a ride!

We left Shkoder at late morning heading towards Theth. We chose the “old road” witch is about 60 kilometers of small gravel roads. We had rain, rain, more rain, hail, thunderstorms and rain. We arrived to a guesthouse and Poschka, the mother of the house served us a superb supper.

We left the guesthouse around 18.00 and expected about 2 hours to get back to Shkoder. But when we started the climb over Thor pass we got some snow at 1400 meters. We decided to give it a try and pusch as far as we could.

Somewhere around the top we saw a cabin. It was locked but it was possible to brake a window and spend the night if needed.

It was about 20 cm of snow and very cold. I couldnt feel my fingers becaus of the cold.

We drove 30 kilometers in the snow and we arrived cold but happy to Fred´s guesthouse in Shkoder at about 22.30